HpA1c Happy!

Yesterday I had a brief appointment with my diabetic nurse to get my HpA1c done. It was three months since my last HpA1c and my last result was 9.4% which was my worst result in my 8 years of diabetes. I was in college then, eating whatever I wanted and drinking too much. Being careless with my diabetes to say the least.

Since May, I have made some dramatic changes to my life. I have lost 17lbs and regained my passion for health and fitness. I have decided against returning to college and am now looking for employment. I also decided to work as hard as I can on my diabetes and make steps everyday towards becoming a better diabetic and healthier, happier person. The last three months have been an outstanding success having succeeded in all these personal goals that I have set.

My HpA1c yesterday was 8.1% which I was happy with but not satisfied. It is a step in the right direction but im not exactly where I want to be. There is only positives to be taken from this result as my levels are getting better. Now I am more determined than ever to reach a HpA1c of 6.5%. For the first time in my life I am conciously working on my diabetes as it were a car restoration project. Everyday I am improving and heading towards my goal of that next HpA1c. Everyday I am conciously making little decisions to do things better and making more effort with my diet and training. It’s a great feeling to be able say it is paying off. Yes there will be bad days and setbacks but I am prepared for that. My message from this post is whatever your HpA1c is take it in small steps everyday to improve your overall health and your HpA1c will improve over time.

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