Diabetes and Alcohol

So guys being a 1st year University student last year alcohol and partying undeniably has a big part to play in college life.

Here are just a few quick tips to stay safe while having a good time and enjoying a few drinks with friends.

  1. Always bring your insulin and double check you have enough: Make sure you have enough insulin,needles,strips, and batteries in your meter this is essential when you are consuming alcohol as you need to know what your blood sugar is at all times and be prepared for any situation
  2. Always eat before and after consuming alcohol: A big meal before you start consuming alcohol and afterwards really help. Being Irish I myself am fond of a large greasy burger before I head home after a couple of pints. Just make sure it is a substantial meal that will sustain your blood sugar through the night. Something like a salad will not suffice but im pretty sure I have never heard of anyone eating a salad after a  night of booze.

These are just a couple of the tips and rituals I use to ensure I am safe when consuming alcohol. In the video below I talk more about Diabetes and alcohol in more detail and explain what I do in greater detail also. Check it out

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